For business customers, Service Business Solutions has launched the first multi-manufacturer procurement manual for multifunction A3 printing and copying systems. In doing so, the company is reacting to the growing technical complexity of modern multifunctional systems and their procurement regulations.

“For authorities and institutions at federal, state and local level, it is becoming increasingly difficult for tenders in IT tenders, tender product-neutral orders and legally correct. This is due to the rapid technological progress of the industry, but also to extensive procurement regulations. For the area of ​​multifunctional systems in the A3 area, we now offer contracting authorities a neutral orientation guide on how to specifically advertise the desired service, “says Christian Rittmöller, Public Sector Manager at Service Business Solutions Germany, explaining the idea of ​​the guideline.

When creating the 16-page brochure, Service was able to draw on the extensive expertise of the Public Sector Business Unit, which was founded in early 2010. For example, 14 customer managers are exclusively available to this customer division worldwide. The experts are well-versed in administrative structures, their specific processes and the resulting requirements for print and output management. Their practical experience has shown that contracting authorities often draw up their calls for tenders after insufficient research and thus do not conform to the principles of open and transparent competition, said Rittmöller. Additional information and advice is available to contracting authorities in the online portal created especially for the customer segment.

Neutral signpost for public tenders 2.0

Service has reissued its vendor-neutral and non-competitive Guide to Contracting Authority: In addition to product-specific information on purchasing custom multifunctional printing and copying systems, the free reference work now includes non-technical information such as procurement models or service requirements.

“Procurement by the public sector is essentially characterized by a complicated procurement law. It is a challenging task in practice to declare multifunction systems legally compliant and product-neutral, as their versatility makes the systems increasingly complex. Here, our guide gives a vendor-neutral and product-neutral overview of the current technical standards, “says Public Sector Manager at Service Business Solutions.

In public procurement, not only technical information is relevant: “More than ever, the solutions are in fact a mix of hardware, applications and services. This must also be taken into account when placing the order, “explains Manager. Service has therefore significantly expanded its reference work: From now on, contracting authorities now also have access to information about types of contracts and their design as well as procurement models, services and logistics. This information is supplemented by information on energy consumption values, the evaluation of offers and consulting options.

Service relied on the expertise of its “Public Sector” business unit to relaunch its comprehensive guide to a product-neutral List of Services 2.0. In this customer division, 14 clients are exclusively available to public clients throughout world. They are well acquainted with public law, administrative structures, their specific procedures and the resulting requirements for print and output management.

public sector

Procurement of the public sector is characterized by public procurement law and the associated tenders. Service has bundled the relevant core competences with the “Public Sector” division and is familiar with your requirements and structures.

In the operation of an infrastructure, the administration and availability of printing systems is particularly important. Often the systems are in publicly accessible areas, which is why you have a particular interest in document protection and access control of the systems. If you have printing systems in different locations, managing the systems for consumables orders, meter readings, and service calls.


Access control through card authentication, including the inclusion of existing cards or similar. e.g. for access control systems.

Authentication ensures that documents are not accessible to anyone in the printing system. Each user has access only to his documents.

Through monitoring and subsequent fleet management services, the systems are centrally monitored and technician missions are controlled, consumables are delivered automatically and meter readings are managed.

Intelligent Scan functionality ensures that the user receives his scan where he expects it. Possibly. this is already fully searchable or otherwise processed, depending on the required workflow.

Your advantages

Service offers solutions that simplify hardware deployment, administration, and deployment through the use of intelligent software tools in environments where multiple employees, and in some circumstances thirds, access printing systems. The software portfolio offers the possibility to select different products, so that special requirements are covered. In addition, Service also offers high safety standards for the systems, which can be supplemented with special services if required. Furthermore, we support you with our eGovernment solutions and efficiently equip your in-house printer.